Our modern philosophy on teaming

At dataGambit we value individuals not only for their skills and contributions but also for their personalities, life philosophies and choice of location. Therefore, we have a modern, dynamic outlook on the concept of teaming.

We are a group of like-minded friends and colleagues who work together on projects we find interesting.  Some of the members of our team run their own companies as well, and we love the cross-pollination and shared opportunities this brings to the dynamics of us as a collective.

This means that we can form dynamic, purpose-built teams for our customer engagements to help them on their data journeys.  Whether our customers require training, architecture, modelling, design or solution development, we come together to simplify the engagement itself whilst being able to reach into deep expertise and experience in our network.


Paul Grobler

Founder | Principal Consultant

Paul is a data architect and modeller who loves engagements with customers to model, design and build data solutions.  

He also serves as the ethics officer for the DAMA Southern Africa chapter.

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Howard Diesel
Data Advisory

Apart from his role as advisory consultant at dataGambit, Howard and his wife, Veronica, runs ModelWare Systems - a key partner of ours.

 He serves as the President of DAMA Southern Africa. He is unique in the data industry with a passion for practitioner - developed data training and consulting, with experience and breadth of knowledge arguably unmatched in South Africa.

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Estie Boshoff

Data Quality Management, Data Modeling, Solution Design

Estie is an industrial engineer (Pr. Eng.) and she brings her wide-ranging talents and experience to our team.  

Apart from geeking out on typical industrial engineering passions (nobody actually knows what these really are), she covers much ground with business, system and data analysis.  She specialises in data quality management and data modeling.  She is deeply involved with the design and often implementation of our solutions.

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Philip Maree
Software Development

Philip brings his deep knowledge and experience forged in the field of software development to our team. He oversees, designs and helps to build our web-based software used to support customer initiatives and data advisory apps.

Danie du Toit

Converter of Business Needs into Technology Solutions

Danie is the resident gentle giant.  He specialises in data management app development and business intelligence solutions on the Microsoft stack. He has been caught meddling in a range of other technologies as well. He has the ability to cut through the noise and recognise the true business need, and then design solutions fit for purpose whilst keeping the future landscape in mind.


Clive Atkins

Software Testing and quality assurance specialist

Clive fuels his inquisitive nature with his passion for all things testing and quality assurance.  He enjoys deploying his broad spectrum of test skills to tackle any testing obstacle. His specialty withing the testing world lies around data focused testing, being involved in the testing of some of the UKs largest financial services.

Mark Wilson

Data Analytics, Architecture, Visualisation

As you can see, Mark has great hair, but believe it or not, he has some other useful features too.  Speaking of features, he specialises in data analytics and data science visualisation, with the knack for wrangling data into shape so that it can be read, understood, interpreted and acted upon.  Mark also brings a critical thinking element to the team and can morph into various personas, including data architect, designer, modeler, wrangler, and communicator.